TargetSTYLE In Vogue

Designed by: Mother and Brooklyn Guild

Role: Drafter & Engineer (through Brooklyn Guild)
Venue: Cedar Lake

     This NYFW kick off party for TargetStyle In Vogue consisted of different stories inspired by classic Vogue magazine photoshoots, spread out throughout the venue. I was assigned the peacock merry-go-round and various "page" moments.
     For the merry-go-round, we were challenged with constructing a functional photo-op with custom made weight bearing peacocks. The core structure of the merry-go-round was covered in a vinyl print that mimic'd the original Vogue spread that inspired this interactive display. The crown of the structure was dressed with the target logo, fabricated with mirror plexi glass.
     The page moments were constructed with thermoplastic sheets covered in printed vinyl. Many of the pages were suspended in the air, and the rest of the pages stood on the ground with weighted supports.